About us

By focusing on increasing efficiency and productivity as well as reducing costs and work related injuries, German Bionic Systems is in the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

 Dr.-Ing. Peter Heiligensetzer, CEO German Bionic

Dr.-Ing. Peter Heiligensetzer, CEO German Bionic


German Bionic Systems is the first German exoskeleton manufacturer for industrial use. 


Located in Augsburg and Berlin, German Bionic Systems develops and produces next generation industrial exoskeleton devices to empower human machine interaction.


During a period of more than five years, the team of CEO Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer has developed automation solutions which focus on modern safety technology to enable human-robot cooperation. These solutions combine the high efficiency of industrial robots with the sensory abilities of the human operator.

To take forward this research and share collected data with the research community German Bionic Systems develops an open source and open standards based software platform. 

 Detail of  German Bionic CRAY X .

Detail of German Bionic CRAY X.


The German Bionic CRAY X.