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As the leader for active exoskeletons in Europe, we know that no production facility, warehouse operation, construction site or logistics activity is the same. Use-cases for the Cray X differ across this spectrum too. Our new plans are defined to cover your individual business requirements.

Paid monthly
Paid annually
Save € 1,200 per year
Everything businesses need to operate anefficient and healthy workspace:
Latest hardware and software
Onboarding support
OTA software updates
Dashboard with usage stats
From €799
From €699
Pay monthly via SEPA, Direct Debit or other means
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Integration with an existing smart factory ecosystem as well as custom apps and branding:
All that the Advanced plan offers, plus:
Apps for custom use-cases
Integration in your smart factory environment
Additional customization options
Contact sales
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Your Cray X
Cray X Exoskeleton
Always the latest hardware and software.
Battery pack
Standard Makita Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack plus charger.
Set of chest and leg straps
Available in XL, L, M or S.
Spare battery pack
One extra Makita Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.
Spare set of straps
One extra set of straps (XL, L, M or S).
Your logo on chest strap
Ask Sales how you can have your logo applied to the straps – min. quantity applies.
Your logo on the back plate
German Bionic IO-Plattform
Over-the-air updates
Pushed whenever important new software features or fixes are due.
LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity
Wi-Fi set as default. Global coverage with LTE.
Intelligent Control
Avoid unconsciously adopted “unhealthy lifting” postures.
Use real-time data in our browser app to optimize your processes.
On-device gamification
Users discover how beneficial the Cray X has been during the day, showing steps, lifts, weights, etc.
User Interface Languages
Talk to Sales for specific language requirements. Minimum quantity may apply.
Predictive maintenance
Principle of dual control – our team obtains signals prior to possible device failure or interruption.
Individual settings in dynamic mode
Create and store up to 5 setting profiles on the fly and switch between them easily.
Workplace comparison
Review performance at device group level across multiple sites and/or countries.
Fleet management
Observe, secure and manage multiple Cray X devices across sites and countries.
Apps for custom use-case
Talk with Sales to discover the diverse possibilities available.
Integration of Cray X
Get access to raw data, integrate the Cray X with other machines and your infrastructure.
Service Levels
On-site training
One set-up day at start.
1st month intense support
Bi-Weekly check-in.
Free device-servicing with renewal
Your Cray X is checked and cleaned. Shipping costs excluded.
24 hour rapid-response service
Initial diagnosis of problem by phone with follow-up.
One-time strap renewal after 12 months
One set per device.
Free delivery
Applies within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Defective device swap
The device is replaced within 2 working days.
Ongoing on-site operator training
1 day per 6 months.
Dedicated success manager
A direct contact to your own Success Manager.
Device purchase option
Contact Sales to discuss the details regarding the purchase of the device at the end of regular term.
Notice period
Contracts renew automatically. Talk to Sales on how to extend your contract.
3 months
3 months
Activation fee per device
Covers onboarding, set-up, connection and more. Applies only to first-time or new contracts, with new devices.
2.995 €
2.995 €
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I switch plans during the term?
Yes, it is possible to upgrade from Essential to Advanced. You will keep the same Cray X and the software will be updated over-the-air. The service level will be updated too. You can do so with at least 2 months notice.
I’d like to use the Cray X for longer than 24 months. Is that possible?
Our standard contract terms are currently 12 or 24 months. You can always extend or renew your contract for the same plan. You will not need to pay a new activation fee as long as you keep the same device(s).
Industry 4.0 is important for us. Can the Cray X be connected to our infrastructure?
Our vision embraces use-cases in which our Cray X is seamlessly integrated in your IT infrastructure. APIs and SDKs will enable this. Contact sales for a more detailed information on this matter.
Are the usage statistics in the dashboard compliant with data protection?
No personal data is transmitted to the cloud that could directly or indirectly reveal a person’s identity when using a 4th generation Cray X. Identification and tracking of Cray X users is not possible. German Bionic IO is also GDPR compliant.
Where can I find the purchase price of the Cray X?
As some company policies require this, the Cray X is also available for purchase. Please talk with our sales team to learn about pricing and conditions.
What does a dedicated success manager do for me?
As a subscriber to the Advanced plan, you will enjoy direct contact to your personal customer success manager. He or she will be available to help with urgent matters relating to the use of Cray X or the IoT platform, and will also be familiar with the specific conditions prevailing at your site.