The 2019 German Entrepreneur Award

(Deutscher Gründerpreis) in the Startup category goes to exoskeleton pioneer German Bionic
Gewinner des Deutschen Gründerpreis in der Kategorie StartUp ist German Bionic / Bildquelle: Deutscher Gründerpreis

“The Entrepreneur Award is the most prestigious award for a young company in Germany. We are very conscious of this honor and the responsibility we bear,” says German Bionic CEO and co-founder Armin G. Schmidt. “We are in the process of solving one of our most pressing occupational health problems: back pain. Our robotic exoskeleton is an intelligent power suit that alleviates the strain on workers during physically demanding or non-ergonomic work activities and thus helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Today, we are the global leader in innovation in the development of this new technology.” Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer adds: “Against the backdrop of an acute shortage of skilled workers and demographic change, the idea of combining human intelligence with machine power and thus making professions that are physically demanding, healthier and consequently more attractive again, was something appeal to the jury.”