Exoskeletons in smart production environments:

German Bionic Systems introduces man-machine system for industrial use
Smart exoskeletons facilitate heavy manual work and lower the risk of accidents and work-related physical wear

Augsburg, Berlin 04/04/2017 – German Bionic Systems is the first German manufacturer to introduce a market-ready exoskeleton for industrial use. Exoskeletons are man-machine systems that combine human intelligence and machine power, thereby enabling individuals to gain increased strength and endurance. ABI Research predicts the robotic exoskeleton segment to reach a market volume 1.9 billion USD in 2025.

Exoskeletons are expected to be deployed in sectors where human labor cannot appropriately be substituted through automatization or by robotic systems, which include automotive production, construction, logistics or nursing. As smart man-machine systems lower the risk of work-related accidents and physical wear, sickness rates – and the financial burden on health systems – will be significantly reduced.

German Bionic Systems continues its R&D efforts to develop an open source, open standards based exoskeleton platform which collects and publishes all sensor data generated by exoskeletons. The anonymized data elements will be made available for big data analytics, as well as for enabling further improvements of the technology.

Among the investors of German Bionic Systems are key figures from the technology space, such as former HERE CEO Dr. Michael Halbherr, tech entrepreneur Armin G. Schmidt and Atlantic Labs, Berlin.

„In a smart production environment, exoskeletons are the next technological step towards bringing humans and machines together again. In addition, we expect a significant societal benefit deriving from this innovation, namely due to a reduction of the financial burden on health systems and increased productivity,“ says Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer, expert for human-robotic-cooperation and CEO of German Bionic Systems.

About German Bionic Systems
German Bionic Systems, headquartered in Augsburg, is the first German manufacturer of exoskeletons for industrial use. An exoskeleton system is a man-machine system that combines human intelligence and machine power, thereby enabling individuals to gain increased strength and endurance. By focusing on increasing efficiency and productivity as well as reducing costs and work related injuries, German Bionic Systems is in the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution.