Awarded power suit „Cray X“

now available in Japan – Exoskeleton pioneer German Bionic opens office in Tokyo
After six years in development and a very successful market entry in Europe, the first exoskeleton developed and produced in Germany by Augsburg’s robotics specialist German Bionic is now available in Japan.

11/09/2018, Tokyo – Nominated for the prestigious Hannover Messe Hermes Award 2018 and recently decorated with the Land of Ideas and Automatica award, the German Bionic Cray X model has been specially designed for the manual handling of goods and tools, and reduces compression pressure in the lower-back area while lifting heavy loads. Exoskeletons or power suits are human-machine systems that combine human intelligence with machine power, by supporting or strengthening the wearer’s movements, thereby significantly reducing the risk of workplace accidents and loadbearing injuries. They are useful for situations in which human work cannot be fully replaced by robotic systems. This includes industrial production working processes, such as in the automotive sector, as well as in physically demanding logistics or construction work. Recent studies have shown that the global demand for wearable robotics will increase sharply in the coming years: BIS Research predicts that in the year 2026, the market will be worth 4.65 billion US dollars. The German Bionic Cray X is now available for orders in Japan via the company´s Tokyo office.


“After the completion of a comprehensive test program with leading German industrial companies in 2017 and a very successful sales launch in the GSA region in 2018, we are now excited to be able to serve our Japanese customers. Japan has a smiliar industrial structure and is also challenged by a massive demographic shift.“ Says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of German Bionic. “Exoskeletons should not make super humans for production, but should rather provide physical ergonomic support that sustainably protects workers and employees from dangerous movements causing mid- or long-term injuries to the musculoskeletal system. We expect a significant societal benefit deriving from this innovation, namely due to a reduction of the financial burden on corporations and customers as well as health systems and increased productivity.“


The active-assistive exoskeleton German Bionic Cray X was specially designed for people manually handling goods and tools, in collaboration with leading ergonomists. Working with its wearer, it reduces compression pressure in the lower back area when lifting heavy loads, thus preventing accidents at work and musculoskeletal injuries. The German Bionic Cray X uses leading innovative micromechanical components and an ultralight ergonomic carrying system.


About German Bionic

GBS German Bionic Systems GmbH, headquartered in Augsburg with offices in Berlin and Tokyo, is a German manufacturer that develops and builds exoskeletons for use in industrial production and logistics. Exoskeletons are human-machine systems that combine human intelligence and machine power, thereby enabling individuals to gain increased strength and endurance. German Bionic is one of the world’s leading robotics companies focusing on humans in Industry 4.0.


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