High-tech to counter disabilities

ARTE Re: presents a documentary on technologies that help overcome physical limitations. One of them is the German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton.
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BMWはダルムシュタット拠点で従業員に力を – タイヤ交換時期の肉体的負荷を、エクソスケルトン/パワースーツにより労働者の腰への負担から解放: https://t.co/oJX15kBzva. #エクソスケルトン #パワースーツ… https://t.co/D2TqeyKZzn
BMW is giving its employees at the Darmstadt branch added strength – exoskeletons are providing relief for the work… https://t.co/RBYGpYR1nS
Die BMW Niederlassung Darmstadt stärkt Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern den Rücken - Exoskelette entlasten spürbar… https://t.co/Z6qetcBlbO