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German Bionic distinguished as most successful start-up at the Bavarian Entrepreneur Award 2019.
"The prize goes to GBS German Bionic Systems from Augsburg, the first European manufacturer to produce exoskeletons to augment the strength of people who work in physically demanding conditions."
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BMWはダルムシュタット拠点で従業員に力を – タイヤ交換時期の肉体的負荷を、エクソスケルトン/パワースーツにより労働者の腰への負担から解放: #エクソスケルトン #パワースーツ…
BMW is giving its employees at the Darmstadt branch added strength – exoskeletons are providing relief for the work…
Die BMW Niederlassung Darmstadt stärkt Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern den Rücken - Exoskelette entlasten spürbar…