Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper:

Strap-on robots for the back
Das aktive Exoskelett Cray X von German Bionic im Einsatz bei IKEA in Dortmund
“With visits to factories being tricky in Corona times, the Swabian robot specialists have organized virtual live tours of their production facilities in Augsburg.” Here is the full, detailed report (in German) by chief correspondent Stefan Stahl in one of Bavaria’s leading daily newspapers, the Augsburger Allgemeine.
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.@wiwo: „#Exoskelette: Ein Trend, der bald die gesamte Industrie erfasst“ #exoskeleton #robotics
日経新聞で、Cray Xパワースーツを導入しやすいプランにより、量販店と物流セクターを全面的にサポートする取り組みを紹介頂きました #exoskeleton #COVID19
Japan’s Nikkei featured our efforts to support systemically relevant staff in the retail and logistics sector by pr…