DB Schenker examines nationwide use of exoskeletons
"Test operation in warehouse logistics successfully completed - Positive effect for employee health - Connection of human and machine". The American Journal of Transportation reports on how DB Schenker is looking forward in the future of work.
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IKEAとGerman Bionicが継続可能な健康的職場づくりの取り組みを発表: ドルトムントのIKEAロジスティクスでインテリジェント・パワースーツを評価(プレス写真): https://t.co/OBg9SEU0GAhttps://t.co/JZDkYTlP6C
Robotics as a Service von German Bionic: Unser flexibles, kostengünstiges #RaaS-Modell für das Cray X richtet sich… https://t.co/GFXSodrczm
IKEA and German Bionic launch initiative for a sustainable healthy workplace: intelligent power suit tested at IKEA… https://t.co/XxuK91mrdk