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Cray X
The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton supports the wearer’s lower back when lifting heavy loads, by actively simulating and strengthening movements.

Product Overview

Support Type
Active assistance (Servo motor)
The German Bionic CRAY X combines advanced micromechanical components, a high-performance battery and an ultralight, ergonomic carrying system.

Technical Specifications

All manner of lifting, carrying and lowering of heavy items, including actions involving long leverage (for example lifting or moving crates/ pallets) as well as for tasks requiring extensive bending, compression and torsional loads on the spine.
Industrial IoT
The German Bionic IO platform brings together an advanced suite of IoT solutions connecting exoskeletons with the latest cloud technologies to boost productivity and user health and safety.

Industrial IoT

To prevent the breakdown of muscles, Cray X actively supports physical function by simulating and enhancing the wearer’s movements, rather than fully taking over.

Health, inclusion and user satisfaction

Fulfilment of Individual Job Requirements
The Cray X relieves the back of strain and prevents injuries, as well as compensating for reduced lifting capabilities.
Exoskeletons come into play when human work cannot realistically be replaced by full automation or robotics systems.
Industrial Production
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Unloading products and materials from machines
  • Packing and shipping of finished products
Automotive Industry
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Assembly tasks
  • Packing and shipping of parts
  • Pulling goods off shelves and distributing them
  • Order picking and packing
  • Loading / unloading from vehicles

Of 259 million European workers, 110 million suffer from back pain. Find out more about the current working situation, and how German Bionic Cray X is helping to improve it. Read more

Good To Know

Do you work in unergonomic positions?

Up to 3/4 of the time at work
Good To Know

Do you lift or carry heavy loads
at work?

At least 1/4 of the time at work
Less than 1/4 of the time at work
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Made in
German Bionic Systems, headquartered in Augsburg with bases in Berlin and Tokyo, is a German manufacturer that develops and builds exoskeletons for use in industrial production.
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