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First of all: How do you get the most out of the Cray X exoskeleton?
  • Objects should weigh 17 lbs (8 kg) or more
  • Objects should be lifted or lowered down between floor and chest height, or vice versa
  • The movements should happen constantly, approx. 30-60 times an hour. So frequently take place
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What are the main reasons for wanting to use our exoskeleton in your organization?
How and where do you want to use the Cray X?
What activities are conducted by your employees?
Is there a bending of the back during the movement?
Is the movement carried out at different heights?
What weight do your employees lift?
How often is the lifting of that weight carried out in an hour?
How often does that hour of lifting take place per day?
Approximately, how many positions would require support from our exoskeleton?
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