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Cray X
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The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton supports the wearer’s lower back when lifting heavy loads, by actively simulating and strengthening movements.
Kind of Support
Servomotor / active assistance
Lifting, carrying and lowering of heavy goods, partly with long leverage (for example crates/pallets) – partly for high bending, compression and torsional loads on the spine.
German Bionic Cray X has been specially designed to reduce compression pressure in the lower back area, for people manually handling goods and tools.

The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton is a human-machine system that combines human intelligence with machine power, by supporting and strengthening the wearer’s movements, thereby reducing the risk of workplace accidents and load-bearing injuries. German Bionic Cray X has been specially designed for people manually handling goods and tools, to reduce compression pressure in the lower back area.

Exoskeletons come into play when human work cannot realistically be replaced by full automation or robotics systems. Included in this are working processes in industrial production, such as in the automotive industry, as well as in physically demanding work in the construction and logistics sectors. The German Bionic Cray X employs advanced micromechanical components and an ultralight ergonomic carrying system.

The Cray X in use at Stuttgart Airport
“We at Stuttgart Airport continuously strive to find innovations that optimize our operations and simultaneously improve the working environment of our employees. The Cray is a prime example of such a win-win situation.”
Daniel Schmidt
Director Process Optimization and Special Handling, Stuttgart Airport Ground Handling GmbH (SAG)
The Cray X in use at HENZ Constructions
“Using the Cray X on our construction sites is beneficial in several respects: On the one hand, it contributes to keeping our workers fit and healthy, which is already reflected in a decline in sick leave. On the other hand, the colleagues appreciate the fact that we are looking out for them and providing the best working equipment currently available.”
Mustafa Durmaz
Managing Director, HENZ Bauausführung GmbH
The Cray X in use at DB Schenker
“The feedback from the doctoral students and DB Schenker employees after the test was very positive and once again confirmed that the long-term use, in conjunction with ergonomically optimally-designed logistics processes, can improve the health of the employees.”
Gerald Mueller
Head of Process and Efficiency Management, DB Schenker
The Cray X in use at BMW
“It works really well, has a great fit and feels pretty much like wearing a hiking backpack!”
Benedikt Schmalkalt
BMW Mechanic
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The Cray X in use at Elvermann GmbH
“As a leading specialist supplier and service partner for formwork and related equipment, we move a huge amount of material every day. Our employees use the Crays when picking formwork elements and columns. This provides significant relief for workers and the Crays can also be used in a far more flexible way than static lifting aids.”
Jürgen Elvermann
Managing Director
Technical Specifications
The German Bionic Cray X combines advanced micromechanical components, a high-performance battery and an ultralight, ergonomic carrying system.
Battery life of up to 0h
Ergonomic carrying system Ultra-light
Lifting support up to 0kg
Exoskeletons come into play when human work cannot realistically be replaced by full automation or robotics systems.
Industrial Production
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Unloading products and materials from machines
  • Packing and shipping of finished products
Automotive Industry
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Assembly tasks
  • Packing and shipping of parts
  • Pulling goods off shelves and distributing them
  • Order picking and packing
  • Loading / unloading from vehicles


All manner of lifting, carrying and lowering of heavy items, including actions involving long leverage (for example lifting or moving crates/ pallets) as well as for tasks requiring extensive bending, compression and torsional loads on the spine.

Smart Factory-ready

Built-in screen provides two-way interface between integrated company systems and the user

Support Type

Active assistance (Servo motor)
The world's leading industrial IoT suite for exoskeletons
Linking robust hardware with the latest cloud and IoT technologies, the German Bionic IO platform is the gateway to highest performance solutions and true integration in enterprise systems – raising the bar for productivity and the health and safety of workers. The suite consists of four modules each designed to solve issues in specific areas. Together, German Bionic IO represents the leading IoT suite for the exoskeleton industry.
Allows devices to be conveniently managed and maintained for optimal performance at all times. It comes as standard with every Cray X exoskeleton shipped.
  • Automatic OTA (Over-the-Air) software updates
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance to help solve issues before they occur
  • Monitoring and reporting of KPIs
  • Set-up and adjustment on individually configurable dashboards
Facilitates an intelligent bilateral information loop between the exoskeleton and the user, enabling exoskeletons to learn and improve, and become continuously smarter.
  • Advanced KPIs and metrics, sophisticated customization possibilities
  • Device recognizes individual users and actively recommends settings
  • Supports human-assisted teaching, also driving machine learning and AI capabilities
Ensures full Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 integration to connect and communicate with enterprise systems and machines, unlocking new performance potential.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing and future ERP software environments
  • Data integration enables enhanced customization to suit specific use cases
  • Task-related context information can be sent to and displayed on the device’s screen
  • Supports the pursuit of advanced exoskeleton research with anonymized sensory data
A constantly evolving library of solutions for specific user needs. Allows for new dimensions of exoskeleton usage by further customizing the existing device.
  • Advanced identification management for selecting, identify and / or assigning users
  • Creation and adjustment of multiple user profiles across entire exoskeleton fleet
  • Localization capability for customized multilingual operation
The world's leading
industrial IoT suite for exoskeletons
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Health, Inclusion and Research

 Extends health and decision-making freedom
 Inclusion potential
 Driving research

Extends health and decision-making freedom

The Cray X relieves back strain and prevents injuries by simulating and augmenting the wearer’s movements without taking them over completely – ensuring the prevention of muscle loss. The exoskeleton doesn’t affect wearer actions or decisions, but rather enhances their capabilities through the active-assistive support it provides.

Inclusion potential

Exoskeletons such as the German Bionic Cray X are tools that facilitate the inclusion of people with reduced lifting abilities, thus reducing gender and age barriers in workplaces.

Driving research

Research is the foundation of everything German Bionic undertakes and is what fuels its innovative strength. Thanks to the German Bionic IO cloud-based platform, aggregated, anonymized sensory data from exoskeletons is made available for highly specialized research and analysis purposes. It takes research to an even higher level and significantly contributes not only to advancing user health and work pro- ductivity, but also to laying the data-scientific foundation for machine learning and AI capabilities.