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Located in Augsburg, Berlin and Tokyo, German Bionic is the first European manufacturer to develop and produce exoskeletons for use in industrial production.

The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton is a human-machine system that combines human intelligence with machine power by supporting or amplifying the movements of the wearer and thereby reduces compression pressure and potential injury in the lower back area. Furthermore, German Bionic is also committed to researching the role of humans in industry 4.0.

Research is the foundation of everything German Bionic undertakes and is what fuels its innovative prowess. Thanks to the German Bionic IO cloud-based platform, aggregated, anonymized sensory data from exoskeletons is made available for highly specialized research and analysis purposes. It takes research to an even higher level and significantly contributes not only to advancing user health and work productivity, but also to laying the data-scientific foundation for machine learning and AI capabilities.

Meet our management team

Founder and former CEO of Nokia HERE. Managed leading technology companies for more than 30 years.

Michael Halbherr Chairman and co-founder

Founder and former CEO of streaming service Aupeo and IoT-platform ATS, previously Senior Director at HERE Technologies.

Armin G. Schmidt CEO and co-founder

Expert for human-robot collaboration. Formerly working with KuKA, founder of MRK-Systeme.

Dr. Peter
CTO and founder

Started his career at Lehman Brothers investment banking in London, previously M&A Advisor with EY.

Nicholas Barclay-Steuart CFO

Tech PR specialist, formerly Office Director Frische Fische, public affairs for Mozilla and comms-lead at Aupeo and ATS.

Eric Eitel Head of Communications

HR leader with over 15 years of experience in global roles at high growth tech companies in Europe and the United States including HERE Technologies, Nokia and Google.

Jonathan Silverman Head of Human Resources

Business and ecosystem development expert. 20+ years of experience in the field of managing smart devices, embedded software and mobility.

Hideo Yamashita Director Japan

10+ years of C-level and founders experience in technology products and services at start-ups and corporates, such as Philips, Nokia and txtr.

Thomas Leliveld Head of Global Sales

B2B sales expert. Started his career at Mercedes Benz, later founded his own automotive consultancy agency, previously key account management for an automotive distributor.

Christian Voss Head of Customer Success

Head of IoT
Head of IoT and product manager. A logistics specialist with extensive industry experience gained throughout various R&D and product management roles.

Norma Steller Head of IoT

SCM and production expert, rooted in mechatronics with R&D focus, many years as SCM manager for Tier 1 automotive supplier.

Stefan Voswinkel Head of Production

Head of Mechanical R&D
Engineer with 8 years of professional industry experience in the development of mechanical and mechatronic systems. Specialist in the field of industrial robotics.

Marius Kiss Head of Mechanical R&D

Press Releases

Contact for Press Enquiries

Eric Eitel

Head of Communications

+49 (0) 175 167 08 91

  • 14 Dec

    Robotics Specialist German Bionic Receives US $20 Million in Series A Financing Samsung Catalyst Fund, MIG AG, Storm Ventures, Benhamou Global Ventures, and IT Farm invest in…

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    1 Oct

    German Bionic picks up Japan’s prestigious “Good Design Award 2020” for its smart Cray X power suit

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    1 Jul

    Exoskeleton made of carbon fiber: Technology leader German Bionic unveils new power suit

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    10 Mar

    Study: Only active exoskeletons reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders in the lower back

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  • 17 Dec

    German Bionic Power Suit Cray X to be Implemented at BicCamera’s Logistics Facilities for the First Time in Japan

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    16 Dec

    Nidec-Shimpo and German Bionic team up for iREX 2019

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    12 Nov

    Integrating intelligent exoskeletons in the Smart Factory

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    25 Sep

    BMW branch in Darmstadt gives its employees added strength

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  • 4 Sep

    German Bionic tests new “Made in Germany” intelligent power suit at IKEA logistics in Dortmund

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    6 Aug

    German Bionic unveils new Robotics-as-a-Service plan for the Cray X power suit

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    2 Jul Auszeichnung

    The 2019 German Entrepreneur Award (Deutscher Gründerpreis) in the Startup category goes to exoskeleton pioneer German Bionic

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    5 Jun

    Winning start-up: German Bionic distinguished with the Bavarian Entrepreneur Award 2019

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  • 15 May

    German Bionic Opens New Production Facility for Robotic Exoskeletons in Augsburg: The “transparent factory” increases production capacity and serves as an information center for the future…

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    20 Mar

    Hannover Messe: German Bionic presents first robot exoskeleton for the Industrial IoT

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    15 Jan

    RoboDEX 2019: German Bionic presents leading robotic exoskeleton for industrial use and reveals first details of new…

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    19 Dec

    Disaster relief: robot exoskeleton from German Bionic supports rescue teams during challenging missions

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  • 17 Dec

    Robotic exoskeletons for industrial production: German Bionic debuts its award-winning power suit at RoboDEX 2019 in Tokyo

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    11 Sep

    Awarded power suit „Cray X“ now available in Japan – Exoskeleton pioneer German Bionic opens office in Tokyo

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    30 Aug

    Management: Armin G. Schmidt named CEO of exoskeleton pioneer German Bionic

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    12 Apr Hermes Award

    Exoskeleton for Production: Debut of the German Bionic Cray X at the Hannover Messe

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  • 10 Jan Made in German

    German Bionic CRAY X: First Exoskeleton Made in Germany Goes into Production

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    4 Apr Smart exoskeletons

    Exoskeletons in smart production environments: German Bionic Systems introduces man-machine system for industrial use

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Stay up to date with German Bionic — German Bionic is securing the future of work with technological innovation.


Bright minds are the foundation for lasting success. That is why German Bionic is on the lookout for creative and hard-working talent.
Kassandra Bauer | Developer of Biomechanics and Ergonomics
As a physiotherapist, through the collective development of highly innovative exoskeletons, I’m able to apply my knowledge to a completely new technological field and preventatively ensure quality of life for many workers.
Laura Schmitz | Project Manager
At German Bionic I’m able to work independently and creatively in a very diverse team. What’s better than autonomy?
Ramon Neugebauer | Mechanical Construction
My experience complements the young, dynamic team, so that we can achieve the best possible end result.
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Warum ist es sinnvoll, aktiv angetriebene #Exoskelette in #Logistik-Prozessen, wie beispielsweise am Flughafen, ein…