Cray X
Stuttgart Airport
Supports the backbone of airport ground handling staff


“We at Stuttgart Airport continuously strive to find innovations that optimize our operations and simultaneously improve the working environment of our employees. The Cray is a prime example of such a win-win situation.”
Director Process Optimization and Special Handling, Stuttgart Airport Ground Handling GmbH (SAG)
Daniel Schmidt
HENZ Constructions
Gives its employees added strength and support


“Using the Cray X on our construction sites is beneficial in several respects: On the one hand, it contributes to keeping our workers fit and healthy, which is already reflected in a decline in sick leave. On the other hand, the colleagues appreciate the fact that we are looking out for them and providing the best working equipment currently available.”
Managing Director, HENZ Bauausführung GmbH
Mustafa Durmaz
DB Schenker
Supports the backbone of its workforce


“The feedback from the doctoral students and DB Schenker employees after the test was very positive and once again confirmed that the long-term use, in conjunction with ergonomically optimally-designed logistics processes, can improve the health of the employees.”
Head of Process and Efficiency Management, DB Schenker
Gerald Mueller
Provides more support for its employees


“It works really well, has a great fit and feels pretty much like wearing a hiking backpack!”
BMW Mechanic
Benedikt Schmalkalt
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Elvermann GmbH
supports the backbone of its workforce


“As a leading specialist supplier and service partner for formwork and related equipment, we move a huge amount of material every day. Our employees use the Crays when picking formwork elements and columns. This provides significant relief for workers and the Crays can also be used in a far more flexible way than static lifting aids.”
Managing Director
Jürgen Elvermann
The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton supports the wearer’s lower back when lifting heavy loads, by actively simulating and strengthening movements.

Product Overview

The German Bionic CRAY X combines advanced micromechanical components, a high-performance battery and an ultralight, ergonomic carrying system.


Industrial IoT
The German Bionic IO platform brings together an advanced suite of IoT solutions connecting exoskeletons with the latest cloud technologies to boost productivity and user health and safety.

Industrial IoT

To prevent the breakdown of muscles, Cray X actively supports physical function by simulating and enhancing the wearer’s movements, rather than fully taking over.

Health, inclusion and user satisfaction

Challenge Hero
Exoskeletons come into play when human work cannot realistically be replaced by full automation or robotics systems.
  • Pulling goods off shelves and distributing them
  • Order picking and packing
  • Loading / unloading from vehicles
Industrial Production
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Unloading products and materials from machines
  • Packing and shipping of finished products
Automotive Industry
  • Sourcing and preparing materials for production (filling and refilling of equipment)
  • Assembly tasks
  • Packing and shipping of parts
Take a (big) load off.

In many jobs, heavy lifting is a routine part of the daily work. But how much does a worker actually lift each day? The Cray X can compensate up to 30 kg for each lifting movement. See the impressive effect it has for workers day in, day out, here.

Load compensation calculator:

Germany’s Manual Handling of Loads at Work Ordinance (Lastenhandhabungsverordnung) applies to all employees who are required to carry, lift or move heavy loads by muscle power alone in their work. Calculate how you can provide relief for your employees by using the Cray X during lifting.

Germany’s Manual Handling of Loads at Work Ordinance (Lastenhandhabungsverordnung) applies to all employees who are required to carry, lift or move heavy loads by muscle power alone in their work. Although the ordinance does not stipulate any specific limits, such limits can be calculated using the so-called “Key Indicator Method”. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the regulations of the Load Handling Ordinance are observed and that protective measures are taken, if necessary.

Lifting movements per hour
Weight per lifting movement
35 kg
Total weight per working day (8 h)
Calculator Calculator Calculator
Relief provided by the Cray X per working day (8 h)
Total relief amount
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German Bionic Systems, headquartered in Augsburg with bases in Berlin and Tokyo, is a German manufacturer that develops and builds exoskeletons for use in industry.
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